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Meet Morgan Ritchie

I’m a fashion and lifestyle blogger who lived in NYC for 10 years but moved to the suburbs when I started my family! I’ve been a blogger for 8 years and built a community of people who value and trust my opinion.


My family and children are my inspiration behind the line that I created with David Harris Jewelry. My daughters, Taytum and Jordyn, mean the world to me and I love that I have a special piece of jewelry with their names on it that I can wear every single day! Growing up, name necklaces were extremely popular, and I love that they are back in style now! Whether you want your own name, your kid(s) name, or even your pet’s name – I’m sure you will find something beautiful that you will love in my collection! These pieces can be customized to be exactly how you want them and they will never go out of style!

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